DO you know that every Bible Prophecy in the Bible, has or will occur right on time? Many were predicted thousands of years before the happening

Many will become a reality in the next years to come.

Bible Prophecy is so exciting to read about and know.   Everything fits into a plan God devised many years ago, He uses several books of the Bible to let his people know when and where certain events will take place.

He tells everyone what will happen to Israel and the enemies of his chosen country, He tells us what will happen to those who believe in his son Jesus Christ past, present and future.

I can never get enough of his word about the future.  If you are a believer?  We are in for some exciting events down the highway of eternity,


For example, did you know the DEAD SEA in Israel will flourish with all kinds of fish and animals during the thousand years reign of Christ upon earth? Did you know the country of Israel boundary will be from the Euphrates to the Nile.


All the countries in the world will come to worship God at the feast of Tabernacles?  If they don’t send representatives, they will have plagues and no rain upon their countries?

The people who are considered followers of Christ will reign and govern upon earth during the thousand-year reign of God,  The earth will never be destroyed? It will be changed but not destroyed.

There will be no need for the sun or moon upon Israel?  the light of God will furnish the light?


This is just a small amount of events to come…Its all in the Bible, if your interested?  Brian Jeffreys is a well-known bible history writer if you are interested in the world tomorrow?  Good day,,mlb



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