Empowered by the Blood of Jesus


Creflo Dollar

                                   You may have discussed the precious blood of Jesus while growing up, especially if you grew up in a Christian home. You may have even heard songs about “pleading the blood” or “the washing away of sins by the blood.” But did you know you are empowered by the precious blood of Jesus? In this article, I will give you a deeper understanding of what Jesus’ sacrifice has actually purchased for you.             Many preachers have watered down the significance of the blood of Jesus, and as a result, many people think this topic is just another Christian cliché. Some Believers have such limited knowledge about Jesus’ sacrifice that they believe He only gave His life to cleanse us of our sins and make us right with God again—which is a major part of our salvation. However, His sacrifice has purchased much, much more.             God made a costly investment—the shed blood of His son—so that we could be free from bondage. Yes, there is tremendous power invested in the blood of Jesus, which gives us the ability to win in every area of life. Just think of how Jesus caused people to win while He walked the Earth! Everyone who came in contact with Him and believed in His power to heal, deliver, and set free walked away a winner.           As Believers, we can boldly proclaim that we have a blood-bought right to be free of bondage, whether that bondage comes in the form of sickness, financial problems, relationship issues, confusion, or stress. Jesus’ shed blood purchased our deliverance from the works of Satan.           You may be thinking, “But, Brother Dollar, I’m a Christian, and I am still in bondage!” We must have faith in the power that comes when we acknowledge the blood of Jesus and what is invested in it. Only then will we have faith in what the blood has accomplished for us individually. For example, when I believe that by the blood of Jesus I have a right to be free from sickness and disease, I will not question my freedom (despite my current circumstances) because my faith is in the power that is in the blood of Jesus. I know I have a blood-bought right to healing in my body, and the right to go boldly to God with my request.                      Therefore, I open my mouth and say:Father, in the name of Jesus, I declare that by the stripes of Jesus I am healed. I believe I receive manifestation of my healing through the blood of Jesus. Amen.” To get a clearer picture of this, just think of all God has done for us so far because of the blood. Everything we have ever received from God, every miracle and answered prayer, has been accomplished as a result of the sacrifice Jesus made over two thousand years ago.           Satan has tried to keep us ignorant of the value of the blood of Jesus. He knows how powerful the blood of Jesus is, and he knows if we remain ignorant, we will not appropriate its power in our daily lives.          I want to encourage you this week to begin to appropriate the blood of Jesus in your personal battles by boldly proclaiming your blood-bought rights. When you do, you will get Heaven’s attention because God will always honor His Son.           Nothing can stand against you when you know the authority you operate in because of the blood. His blood has given you the victory over every battle you face! Begin to proclaim your status today. Speak your faith out loud concerning what the blood of Jesus has accomplished for you, knowing that your breakthrough


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