Jesus says,”you are with me or your against me! In other words, you believe in him, the son of God or not!!If you chose the later? I am so sorry for your decision,,you chose eternal damnation separated from the light of God.

If you choose yes, you will live forever and ever. How foolish is a man who denies 3:16,,How Foolish to die and never know the only person who died so we might live forever.

I know friends and family members whohave found out how foolish they were upon this earth…Its too late, now. They had 70 some years to say yes to Jesus, but never had the time. There is no one on this earth who is good enough to enter the presence of God, Only, if we turn to Jesus to be the one who can save us.

He is the only way, The only truth and The only life,,amen,,,,,in conclusion, WE must decide for ourselves the path to Glory.Let all your guilt go. let all your fear of dying go away, The son of God is knocking, “for God Sakes man, Let him in”,,,cheers mln 2012

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