When God sees a born again person, he see the same thing as when he looks at Jesus.He will take care of all our needs and trials if we place our faith in his son Jesus,

The big secret? God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all different people but, they are all God, An example, The more I read about the hell to come? The more I believe unsaved people will be in complte darkness forever. No one to talk too, just darkness, They may be given a chance to repent during the 1000 year millenium? bUT don’t count on it.

Before the world was formed, God had a plan already in the blueprint stage. He knew in advance, Adam and Eve would sin. He knew his son Jesus would provide away for the people of the world to enjoy eternal life.
A question? What is 75 years in this mean old sinful world , compared to Life with God forever? Did you know? It will take the Holy Spirit forever to tell the secrets and Glory of God.

In conclusion, We can live forever, if we ask the son of GOD, Jesus Christ to be our savior and forgive us of all our sins? We will let him change us into people like him. We must surender all and turn from the old ways of living. Be obedient to his word, Have unlimited faith in his being and always be patient, waiting and living under the undeserved GRACE OF GOD ALLMIGHTY~!!AMEN

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