THE BIBLE, will refine our mind…The Holy Spirit will reveal things you would never dream possible,,,The are all kinds od bibles online for your READING. I love the application and the new international bible…

Just use Google for your preferences. The day you realize the trinity are all God but 3 didfferent individuals, will be an exciting day forever.

The HOLY SPIRIT is God who will never let us be tempted or abused totally. May God bless you on your new journey to eternal life…Remember God is love not comdenation or fear. The holiest of men on earth are filthy rags to God, unless we accept Jesus and his finished work at calvary.
JESUS IS THE FINAL WORD TO EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD. HE IS THE ANSWER to all calamites and trials…If you have never followed hin why not now? Cheers MLB 2012

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