MY LIFE in retrospect

I am entering the twilight of my life. I look back at my life, I am very happy and sad at the same time.
Like everyone else,I made some very bad deisions,,,Power, Pleasure and things contoled my life.
I have had tragedy and Love. All the time , the things I thought would make me happier, were the things that destroyed me.

I have found Jesus or he found me, Glory to God, and my life has settled down. I am much wiser now and realize what lifes all about..
Its preparing for the life after death. A life without the most wonderful man alive, Jesus Christ, is meanliness,
I pray to him daily for wisdom, salvation for my love ones, and thakfulness for the Cross.
If you have never tried him? I will save you a lot of time,,,seek him and you shall find. Call upon his name and he will save you, answer the door when he comes knocking.
Time is of essence, there may not be no tomorrow,.
OUR FAMILY and Jesus is what matters,,nothing else, cheers mlb

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