Clarifying Isaiah 17

Q. In Isaiah 17, the scripture makes reference to the ‘splendor of Jacob will fade.’ This appears immediately after the well-known scripture regarding the destruction of Damascas in one night. Do you believe that a nuclear exchange between Israel and Damascus will be the cause of Israel’s emaciation?

A. Syria now has chemical weapons only and understands that if they use them, Israel will respond with nukes. With that in mind they have moved all official records and command centers out of Damascus. It appears that they know Israel will destroy Damascus and are prepared for it.

Due to the enormous amount of casualties, a chemical weapons attack on several major cities in Israel would fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 17. I think everything north of Tel Aviv is currently in range.

If Syria is successful in attaining nukes then the scenario would change, but I don’t believe Israel will allow that. Some parts of Israel will suffer serious damage in the coming battle, but Damascus will cease to exist.

Tags: Prophecy

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