The secret is so simple? Its like being saved? To really be happy and joyful is the hardest thing for a lot of believers to understand.

We can’t become a true believer if we continue or try to live under the law od THOU SHALT NOT……,This was what the old covenant is all about….The law of Moses or trying to follow Jesus aka God under the law and flesh of Moses.

When we as believers, finally, realize we have become the Righteousness of God/ Then we will live like we are without trying. When Jesus was sacraficed on Calvary, for you and me,,,,A new covenant was ushered in , because the old one didn’t work for mankind,

Jesus and his finished work at Calvary is the new covenant…Everything is about Jesus and what he represents to us as the GOSPEL OF GOD.

The law as the old covenant is called, condemns and makes a person feel guilty when the sin…The new covenanr forgives and gives life…when we sin, it isn’t held agains the believer for the past, present or future. All God sees is Jes at the Cross when he looks at you and me…

The law killed 3000 at mt sinai, the spirit saved 3000 at Penecost,,,choose? The Spirit of God is what we must accept and I promise you, your believing life will blossom like a rose,,,amen cheers mlnb 2012


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