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Lets talk sex if your single?

October 30, 2012

Sexually Active and Single? Creflo Dollar We need to talk about sex, particularly sex among singles. The media has too much to say about sex. Billboards go as close to the edge as they can to flaunt sex. Turn on the television, and every day, we’re bombarded with images, many that hinge upon the lewd […]

Breaking bad habits

October 30, 2012

Breaking the Bad Habit Cycle Creflo Dollar Bad habits. Do you think you have one? Or do others complain of you having some? Most people try to eliminate bad habits by using their willpower. However, to be free of bad habits, cravings, and addictions permanently, you need more. You need God’s help. Unfortunately, the majority […]


October 30, 2012

I remembered when I first became saved, how miserable I became, trying to keep all the rules and regualations,It seemed I sinned more than when i was lost.I finally got it, I hoe you read the following article and get it too!!cheers mlb 2012 A New Covenant Creflo Dollar One of the things that has […]


October 30, 2012

I Have Good News For You! Creflo Dollar There is so much bad news in the world. You do not have to search hard or long to find it. Turn on the television and there it is. The Bible, however, gives us a directive on what to do about bad news or evil reports. We […]


October 29, 2012

Does it really matter?Liberalism vrs questional beliefs about God? What really need, is neither,,,,

finished work of Christ at the Cross?

October 28, 2012

THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS Twofold Application of the Benefits of Calvary: 1 2 Redemption: to purchase in the marketplace to set believer free from the upon faith marketplace (1 Cor.6:20; 2 Pet.2:1) (Rom.3:24; Eph.1:7; Col.1:14) Reconciliation: applied to unsaved world applied to individuals upon faith (2 Cor.5:19; Rom.5:10) (2 Cor.5:18,20,21; Rom.5:10) […]


October 28, 2012

My wifes name is a Sandy,,lmbo..44 years,

October 27, 2012

Originally posted on Truth in Grace:
I recently read a piece entitled A Vote For Romney is a Vote for the LDS Church written by Warren C. Smith (not to be confused with the Warren Smith who exposed Rick Warren’s New Age agenda and ties to Robert Schuller in his book Deceived on Purpose). Here’s…

October 27, 2012

Originally posted on Truth in Grace:
If you have been reading my articles lately, you have probably noticed a very consistent theme, that being that Christians are commanded to share the gospel with the lost. I have been writing these articles for the very purpose of awakening the church to the desperate need in our…

Want to go to Hell? are you sure?

October 27, 2012

Hell ——————————————————————————– Hell Part 1: Assurance of Eternal Torment for the Lost: Will the wicked really spend eternity in flames of torment? Yes, the Bible makes this abundantly clear. Hell Part 2: The Differences between Hades and the Lake of Fire: The meanings of the words Hades, Sheol, Gehenna, Tophet, and the Lake of Fire […]

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