Why? Because they are still just people who still sin…They still make mistakes, commit sins and do things they shouldn’t,,,But, by they beliefs in Jesus and his finished work at Calvary they sin no more in the eyes of God..

If they sin on purpose then thats a different story.,,They do not have a license to sin because they live ubnder the grace of God.

The only difference they are forgiven for past, present and future sins when they asked Jesus into their hearts as theiir savior and Lord/

Do you want to know why most people think believing and worshiping God is foolish? One word, PRIDE..They don’t want to depend upon someone else to save them

So you hear”all the church wants is my money,” Whay hypos the church going people are etc etc, all excuses to not answer the door to Jesus when he knocks.

Someday everyone who says no, will be sorry, When the auto runs out of gasoline, its too klate to wish for gas?

Being saved is an attitude adjustment and the refining the mond to the laws of God almighty,,,Give it a trry? You have already screwed up the first 30 years of your life,,,amen? cheers MLB 2012


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