He provided a way for mankind to be atoned for their sins,,Mr Adam and mrs Eve got us into a heap of trouble with God. They brought sins onto the scene which always separates mankind from God. We were given a death sentence for theior actions in the Garden of Eden in the Euphtates River basin many years ago.

God really loves mankind, even to the point of giving up a perfect sacrafice so we could be forgiven or atoned for ADAM AND EVES SIN.OR DEATH FOR US ALL GANG.

When Jesus voluntarily gave up himself for all of the sins of the world, the Gospel of God was implemented upon the earth. aka JOHN 3:16..The Devil brought death, God gave life through Jesus Christ,,,,,When we by our own free will, choose to believe we are given eternal life by the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, When we refuse, we are to spend eternity in Hell with the bad boys and girls of this world….Thank you God For your son Jesus, who sets at your right side in Heaven..cheers MLB 2012

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