A Barometer for Our Spiritual Growth

How does one know whether he or she is growing spiritually? One of the first indicators that you are maturing in your Christian walk is an increasing hunger to know God. Do you cherish the time that you spend alone with God? Do you linger at the close of your prayer time, wanting just a little more from God?
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A Father’s Greatest Gift

Fathers give many kinds of gifts to their children. As Christians, we realize that the most precious gift of all is the one our heavenly Father gave by sending His Son Jesus Christ: His death on the cross provided salvation for mankind (Rom. 6:23).
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A Glimpse of Heavenly Praise

How would you describe God? Many misguided believers see Him as a grandfatherly figure, up in heaven, who is waiting to meet our needs. We often forget the majesty of God. He is holy, righteous, and worthy of our praise.
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A God We Can Trust

Trust is something we earn with one another. However, from the moment God saves us, He trusts us and believes in us. Does He think we will never sin again? The Father understands we will still make mistakes, but His Spirit lives in us—to sanctify and mature us in our faith.
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A Historical Look at the Manger

This time of year, it’s common to set up a nativity scene in one’s home and read the familiar story of Jesus’ birth. But how accurate is our view of this holy event?
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A Knock at the Door: How God Uses Adversity to Get Our Attention

Sometimes, God’s knocking is a light tapping in our spirit. But other times, when we are inattentive, He may use a pounding fist of adversity to turn our focus to Him.
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A Life-Changing Prayer

The prayer that the apostle Paul offered for the church in Colosse is a powerful model for any believer to follow on behalf of others.
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A Picture of Grace

How do you react to God’s grace? Dr. Stanley discusses three wrong approaches to the Lord’s mercy and how to rightly respond.
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A Private Matter: Conscience

In the western world, we tend to think of the conscience as a personal thing—but is it?
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A Second Chance Now

Sometimes your burdens may seem endless. You repeatedly go through the same trial, making the same mistakes. The last time through, you thought you had truly mastered this area of your life. However, now you realize that it continues to cause you pain.
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