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The Book Of Remembrance

Q. I have a question based upon something that I heard this week. Someone on one of the God channels on TV was preaching about the book of Revelation. They stated that in order to be part of the Rapture, one had to have one’s name written in the ‘Book of Remembrance’. They stated that in order to be in that book, one had to be an over comer by paying one’s tithes, witnessing, going to church etc etc. But it strikes me that this can be boiled down to being based upon our works. Surely our Rapture is based purely and simply on the grace of the Lord Jesus, and our faith in him?

A. Just because you see something on TV doesn’t make it true. In fact I’m convinced that much of what appears on religious TV is suspect and should be researched carefully before accepting it.

This teaching about the Book of Remembrance is a good example. It is only mentioned once in the Bible, in Malachi 3:16. The Jews had returned from Babylon but had drifted away from the Lord and were being unfaithful. Malachi warned them about this and listed the things they had done to displease Him. Then he told them if they returned to the Lord He would return to them (Malachi 3:7).

Those who feared the Lord discussed this among themselves. The Lord heard their discussions and was pleased. He had a Book of Remembrance written that contained their names so when He makes up His treasured possession they would be spared from judgment (Malachi 3:16-17). The term “treasured possession” comes from Exodus 19:5 and is used only of Israel.

As you can see this has nothing to do with the Church. Nor is there any verse in the Bible that places conditions other than being born again on inclusion in the rapture

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