Who is the Holy Spirit of God

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Author: Dr. Creflo A. Dollar


The Holy Spirit has come to guide you into the truths that you are a son of the Most High God and that you should settle for nothing less than God’s best. As you develop your relationship with Him and allow Him to anoint your praise, you will experience favor with God and with man.


A.Who is the Holy Spirit? 1.The Holy Spirit is not an emotion or other outward manifestation such as “falling out.” a.His presence will affect your emotions, because humans are emotional beings.

2.He is the Third Person of the Trinity, the personality in the order of the Godhead.
3.He is in charge of the affairs of the kingdom of God and is the Chief Executor of divine programs on the earth.
4.He is the Motivator, Energizer and Operator of every revealed plan or vision from God.
5.He is the Revealer of the hidden treasures of the kingdom of God.
6.He holds the key to the inheritance of the saints of God.
7.He is the most valuable asset to Christian living.
8.He is the central figure in any breakthrough in life.
9.He is the only One worth leaning on.

B.The Holy Spirit’s job is to reveal the sonship of God’s people. 1.He is the Spirit of Truth and has been sent to reveal the mind of God to those who are born again (John 16:12-13, AMP). a.If you are not born again, all He will point out to you is that you need to be.

2.He has come to reveal wisdom, knowledge, abilities, enablements and mysteries to you to show you your significance, value and power.
3.He wants to reveal your God-nature to you and cause you to live in a higher level than you are living now.

C.The Holy Spirit is a real Person with Whom you must develop a real relationship. 1.He’s your invisible Partner, giving you inside information. a.He’ll cause things to work for you that won’t work for others.

2.He can tell you about your future and straighten out your past; the key to these benefits is your realizing that He is a real Person. a.Just because He is invisible, doesn’t mean He’s not real.
b.Example: You can’t see the wind, but you can feel and see its effects.
c.You should be going to Him for the plan for your life instead of coming up with a plan yourself and wanting Him to sign off on it.

3.You must develop such an awareness of His presence that you can’t wake up in the morning without saying “Good morning, Holy Spirit,” or go for too long without talking with Him intimately. a.You must practice the presence of the Holy Spirit.

4.People may think you are crazy for talking to Someone they can’t see, but you must move past that. a.The world can’t receive Him, because they don’t know Him and can’t see Him (John 14:17).

5.He has a way of confirming His presence; you’ll know He’s there.
6.The Holy Spirit can make the difference in your life. He’s sent to comfort you.

D.The Holy Spirit has four main attributes. 1.The Holy Spirit is the oil of joy (Isaiah 61:3). a.You cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit and not have joy in your life, because He literally injects the believer with joy and gladness.
b.This joy and gladness are supernatural and build your immunity to sickness and disease; however, you must learn to “let things go.” i.Cast your cares on God.

c.Joy comes from what you know from the Word of God. i.The more you comprehend God’s Word, the more the Holy Spirit can instruct, minister and reveal to you; He compares spiritual things with spiritual things.

2.The love of God that was poured into your heart (Romans 5:5) determines your access to revelation (enlightenment, direction); your access is based on your love walk. a.If you continue to walk in selfishness, you hinder the Holy Spirit from speaking to you and you remain “stuck” in “average,” having no results from the Word.
b.If you have something between you and someone else, then you need to set it straight. The Spirit of God is grieved when there is envy, bitterness, strife and unforgiveness. They prevent Him from giving you the answers you need for your life. i.You must get your feelings under subjection to the Word.

c.Love is the platform on which the laws and commandments function.

3.When you are anointed with the Holy Spirit, you enter into a higher dimension of praise. a.When you thank and praise God, giving Him the glory, the Holy Spirit comes in and elevates your praise (John 16:14).
b.High praise is always followed by supernatural intervention (Acts 16:25-26). i.When you enter into high praise, God comes in and sets ambushments against your enemies and conquers them (Psalm 149:6; 2 Chronicles 20:22).
ii.When you praise God in the “high praise dimension,” the heavens will intervene and render the right judgment on your enemies, not even allowing them to speak negatively against you (2 Samuel 6:14-23).
iii.High praise is a fundamental requirement for God to take over so that you can become a reporter of your own battle (Psalm 149:6).

4.When the Holy Spirit shows up, so does favor. a.When you carry the anointing of the Holy Spirit, your name is sweet and creates an expectation (Song of Solomon 1:3); you’ll “smell good” to God and enjoy love and favor from others. i.You walk in the favor of God and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit (Proverbs 3:3-4).

b.Favor means, “to treat with high regard and approval; something granted out of good will rather than for payment or justice; a gift bestowed and not necessarily earned or bought; a token of love or friendship; preferential treatment provided with advantages and special privileges.” i.When you acknowledge God’s favor, it motivates Him to favor you even more.

c.Favor from the Lord guarantees success. Therefore, believe that you receive success, comfort and ease from now on.

E.There are 10 benefits that the favor of God produces in your life through the Holy Spirit. 1.Supernatural increase and promotion.
2.Supernatural restoration of everything the Enemy has stolen.
3.Honor in the midst of your adversaries.
4.Increased assets, especially in the area of real estate (Deuteronomy 33:23; Deuteronomy 6:11-12).
5.Great victories in the midst of great impossibilities.
6.Recognition when you’re least likely to receive it.
7.Prominence and preferential treatment.
8.Petitions granted by ungodly civil authorities.
9.Policies, rules and regulations changed/reversed to your advantage.
10.Battles won that you didn’t even have to fight

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