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Is She Committing Suicide?

Posted October 10th, 2012 in Ask a Bible Teacher

Q. In the news recently a woman who was paralyzed went to court and won the “right to die” by having her breathing tube removed. Her parents think that if she does that she is committing suicide and won’t go to heaven. Question is, if she or any one can not live without the help of machines, would it be considered suicide if she had the tubes removed, or would it be considered a natural death?

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Was Paul A Real Apostle?

Posted August 18th, 2012 in Ask a Bible Teacher

Q. You mentioned that Paul was God’s choice to fill the vacancy created when Judas committed suicide. But according to Acts 1:21-22 Paul couldn’t have met the requirements. He was not even a believer until he met the Lord on the road to Damascus years later. So, please explain Act 1:21-22, and make Paul fit the requirement so stated.

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That Was Then, This Is Now

Posted March 21st, 2012 in Ask a Bible Teacher

Q. Recently there was an article in the news about a Muslim girl who was raped and then forced to marry her rapist. The girl just committed suicide. I said to myself: what a barbaric religion. Then the same article points to a similar scenario in the Bible (Deuteronomy 22:28). I was shocked to find this in the Bible. Deuteronomy does not say that the girl was against marrying her rapist but it does not say the girl was willing either. It does seem she had no say in it. Please comment on this, it is very disturbing.

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Could Judas Have Been Forgiven?

Posted June 19th, 2011 in Ask a Bible Teacher

Q. When confiding to a Christian friend recently, I mentioned my fears about a loved one contemplating suicide. I told her that the worst thing is that he would be damned. She told me that if he is a believer (he is), then God has forgiven all his sins: past, present, and future. Yet, other Christians have told me the opposite re suicide. They say suicide is not trusting in God anymore, taking yourself and God out of the intolerable situation you’re in.

This brought me to think about Judas. He seemed to be very grieved about what he did to our Lord, he threw away the money, and then hung himself. If Judas prayed that he was sorry about what he did, and that he couldn’t physically go on anymore after realizing the enormity of his actions, and then hung himself. Would he be forgiven and go to heaven?

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Does Suicide Cancel Salvation?

Posted June 1st, 2011 in Ask a Bible Teacher

Q. I have heard it stated by people, especially those who are saved, that if a born again Christian takes their own life, they will still go to hell. One of my friends had a best friend who truly was saved, but hung himself. My friend, who is also a true believer, thinks his friend went to hell, even though this person was a born again Christian. The Bible is pretty quiet on this one, so I was wondering what the answer is. Does that person go to hell or do they get into heaven by the skin of their teeth?

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