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August 7: How can I overcome my doubts?
Faith doesn’t grow in a vacuum; it needs nurturing.

August 6: Do you think the time will ever come when everyone will believe in Jesus and follow His teachings?
God is still working to save the world – and so should we.

August 4: I don’t mean to offend you, but in my opinion God is just for weak people.
Discover the joy and new life that only God can give you.

August 3: Is it true (as I’ve heard some preachers say) that the world will get worse and worse before Jesus comes again?
Don’t wait for the last days to seek God.

August 2: I’ve often struggled with depression. Could God make any difference to me?
Christ can help you face any problem, including depression.

August 1: I find it inspiring to read the Bible, but I can’t go along with those who say it’s the divine Word of God, because frankly I find some of it kind of hard to swallow.
Ask God to speak to you through the Bible.

July 31: I consider myself a spiritual person, but I’m not religious in a traditional sense.
Cultivate your spirituality through Christ.

July 30: I’m headed to college in a few weeks, and I’m scared because it’ll be my first time away from home, and I don’t know anyone or what to major in.
Seek out fellow Christians on your college campus.

July 28: How is my life going to change if I start taking God seriously?
If you take Him seriously, God will change your life.

July 27: Do you have to belong to a church in order to be saved?
We aren’t saved simply by joining a church.

July 26: How can I know if the woman I’m currently dating is the right one for me?
Placing God at the center of your marriage will keep it strong.

July 25: How patient are you supposed to be with someone who has had a real need, but ends up taking advantage of you?
Urge troubled nephew to seek God’s will for his future.

July 24: My wife is pressuring me to go ahead and make our funeral arrangements since we’re getting older, but I’m reluctant to do it.
Making funeral arrangements is an act of love.

July 23: If Jesus died to pay for all our sins (as the Bible says), then why do we still have to confess them and commit our lives to Him in order to be saved?
You must accept Christ’s gift of salvation.

July 21: Does the Bible say that if you become a Christian then you shouldn’t sin anymore, and if you do sin, you’ll lose your salvation?
God’s will is for us to become more and more like Christ.

July 20: My wife and I just got a divorce, and it really upsets me how she’s trashed me with our children and told them it’s all my fault.
Pray for wisdom and a forgiving spirit after divorce.

July 19: My high school class just had their 40th reunion, and I was saddened to hear so many of my old classmates talk about how disappointed or bored they’ve been with life.
Only by turning to Christ can we find true peace and contentment.

July 18: I’d never admit it openly, but to be honest I’m not sure I believe in sending missionaries to other parts of the world.
Jesus final command was for his disciples to be missionaries.

July 17: We’ve been invited to a family reunion this summer, and to be honest I’m dreading it.
Family reunion might offer chance to be a peacemaker.

July 16: Do you believe it’s possible for someone to reject God all their lives and live like the devil, then at the last minute supposedly believe in Jesus and be saved?
It’s never too late to turn to Christ, but why wait


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