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Roman Empire vs United States – Are we heading towards the same fate?

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We’re pretty similar, you and I

The Roman Empire and the United States of America have an astounding amount of similar characteristics. The Roman Empire lasted from 509 BC to 476 AD. The United States resembles much of what ancient Rome was like before the fall of the Roman Empire.

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Social classes are a problem that cannot be fixed

Rome’s downfall was a result of the different classes of people that began to develop. Rome, back then, was powered and run by the lower class farmers. But, when the upper class aristocrats started becoming more and more greedy, they began to take the small farmers land and make it their own. The greed of the aristocrats was one factor that led to the Roman decline.

The US also has problems with social classes. The United States is composed of a large middle/lower class of people and a small upper class. The problem is that much of the lower middle class people are heavily in debt because they bought things that they can not afford like houses and material possessions. But, the government wants to increase taxes on the rich people to pay for the mistakes of the middle class. Another thing is that some people in the middle/lower class don’t even work. They rely on government to help them live. Someone has to pay for them and it is usually the upper class and the upper middle class that pay through high taxes.

There are many problems with the differing classes of people. The lower and middle class people are the main driving force in both of the economies of the Roman Empire and the US. It is the small farmers in the Roman Empire and the small business owners in the United States. The problem is that the upper middle class people who work hard to start a business and make money will get taxed higher and the lower middle class people will receive the taxed money from the government. As a result, the small workers would not be able to keep up with their businesses. This is in the United States. This would then make the economy crash and eventually all of Rome.

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Laziness Laziness Lazi…

Another factor that contributed to the Roman Empire’s downfall was their laziness. Slavery was common throughout the ancient world, but nowhere was it more common than in Rome. Almost every farmer in ancient Rome had from one to two slaves to help them work on their small farms. The very rich people would have many slaves. This contributed to Roman Empire’s laziness because the people relied on slaves to do such things like building roads, building buildings, and to be household workers. This led to the Romans laziness because they began to let their slaves do most of the work while they ordered them around.

The United States has also become increasingly lazy in the last few years. The increase in technology has led to much laziness in the American youth. For example, the computer, the TV, and the video gaming systems are major contributors to the laziness of the United States. Instead of children going out to work and earn some money like did in the earlier years of the US, teens and children would rather sit inside wasting their life and mind on the electronics. This is making our nation lazy because children would rather play games than work hard for money.

The similarity of laziness between the US and Rome are strikingly similar. Unfortunately, there is not much that the US can do about the technologies because they are already a huge part of everyone’s daily life. One solution for America would be to have stricter parents who make their kids work. But, it is inevitable to avoid the fact that the laziness of the United States due to technologies resembles the laziness of the Roman Empire due to slaves.

You need to be smart to be sucessful :/

Another factor of the Roman Empire’s downfall was in their education. For the poor, it would be up to the paterfamilias in ancient Rome to provide for their children’s education. If they didn’t have enough money to pay for their child’s/siblings education, then they would not get one. But the wealthy were expected to learn to read and write whether they were taught by a slave or a teacher.

The US also has problems with education. The upper class kids of America usually get an education through college. But, it is different with the lower can lower middle class kids. Some go to college if they have a scholarship or if they have saved a lot of money, but most kids in the lower middle class and under don’t go to college because they cannot afford it.

There are many problems with this system. All this does is separate the classes of people even more. It means that since the upper class kids have a better education, they will get the better jobs. And since the lower class children don’t have a good education, if one at all, then they will get the low pay jobs. This will just increase the margin of upper class to lower class families.

Economic trouble!! Uh O, sound familiar?

A fourth factor of the Roman downfall was their economy. Because of a plague that had gone throughout Rome, 10 percent of the population had died. Rome needed to recruit more soldiers, but in order to do so; they had to raise taxes to pay for soldiers. This drained the public funds. Although this worked for a little while, it proved to be detrimental in the long run.

The United States also has a declining economy. The United States is in a huge debt of over 10 trillion dollars. But what the new potential presidents are proposing is to give all the poor families a couple thousand dollars to help them get on their feet. The only problem with this is that we are in debt and have not much money to give to them.

The economy of a country greatly affects the outcome of the country. In both situations, the government spent or will spend money that they don’t have. This drained the public funds and increased the already incomprehensible debt. This decision will affect the outcome of the country in the long run.

Brute force, yep, we’ve got it

Rome had the world’s strongest military at the prime of the Empire. This is one reason why the Roman Empire became so strong. The soldiers were very loyal to their country. One reason is because in 107 AD, Marius introduced the idea of recruiting poor landless peasants into the military and rewarding them with land after their service. Later in the Empire, they began to recruit German soldiers into the Roman army. These Germans were not very loyal to Rome and sometimes revolted. This led to the decline of the greatness of the Roman military.

The United States also has the strongest military in the world. The military would be one contrast to Rome. Although they are both world powerful militaries, the United States soldiers are extremely loyal to their country.

Both Empires had the strongest militaries in the world at their height. The Romans messed up when they started recruiting Germans into their military therefore making the troops not completely loyal. This is one difference that the United States has against the Roman Empire. Although it is heading in the somewhat same direction that Rome is heading, the United States troops are very loyal to their country. The US is at peace with almost every nation and stands to keep that peace.

If we don’t learn from history, we are bound to repeat it

The similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire and the United States show that if the US doesn’t fix their problems, then it might dissipate as Rome did long ago. Social classes are inevitable, but one thing that can help our country would be to not distance each social class from each other. But, this will be impossible unless everyone works equally to earn their share of money.

I don’t think that we should give our tax money to lazy people who don’t work. I do think that we should put more tax on the upper class people who have plenty of money, and less tax those who have to save every penny they earn. In turn, the people who really need money and don’t work will start getting jobs so they can survive. And slowly, the economy will recover. Although the United States has dug itself a deep hole, if the right precautions are taken, we can escape the fate similar of the Roman Empire.

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