What does it mean to touch the hem of his (Jesus’) garment?

Clifford Clifford

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It was not so much about the article they were touching, but the faith they were expressing in the action. Jesus did not tell the woman that it was touching Him that healed her, but her faith in Him. It was the same for those who were healed with the handkerchiefs or Paul’s shadow. It was the faith that God had given him the power to heal. Isaiah 53 says by His stripes we are healed, a testimony of Christ’s suffering. So, that by faith we can receive healing from Him. Since He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Does that mean we will never die? No, for it is appointed for all. But we can live a rich full life in Christ, if only we believe. Not suffering in pain and torment as is so often the case. We must step up and take our authority given us as believers and children of God. We must stand upon faith for healing. And, if for some reason that healing is not forth coming, then we must look at the reasons why. Are we living in sin? Could God be using it as a means of purification and teaching, a humbling work in us, as He did Paul? Could we be holding onto unforgiveness therefore blocking our prayers to Him? Or, could we simply be speaking the wrong words of authority into our lives? Are we speaking our healing, or are we complaining our inflictions? Healing is all faith based, and can only be received by faith. Though at times God will use it to win others to faith, by healing those who do not know Him, or healing so that those who do not believe, will see and believe. Where is your faith? Do you stand upon the promises of God? These are all questions we must ask ourselves daily.
3 years ago
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Melissa B Melissa B

It’s about faith. I saw the other answers and agree with gossamer, however, I believe there is more to it. She felt that if she could only touch him that her illness would be healed. “And he felt the energy flow from him” as some would say. She was fighting a crowd of people who were around him and finally was able to touch only the hem of his garment. “By your faith you are healed”. I need to research some more, thought I had this down pat, but need to find what you are talking about with the handkerckiefs and shadows.
3 years ago
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gossamer presents… Sarah! gossamer presents… Sarah!

That’s in the Bible. The story was about a Samaritan woman who wanted to be with Jesus so much, that she touched Jesus’ garment and got healed. Jesus knew that he was not supposed to minister to her, because she was a gentile (non-jewish) so therefore Jesus didn’t approach her, but the woman had so much faith and loved Jesus so much that she still followed Jesus, even if she wasn’t Jewish and didn’t know much about how to follow God’s laws. She just knew that Jesus had something special and she felt compelled to seek him out.
3 years ago
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wyomugs wyomugs
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A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.

Matthew 9:20-22: And a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for twelve years, came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak; for she was saying to herself, “If I only touch His garment, I will get well.” But Jesus turning and seeing her said, “Daughter, take courage; your faith has made you well.” At once the woman was made well.

This is the story. As for handkerchiefs and shadows, you will have to do better in referring to the specifics of those.

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Eliaas2 Eliaas2

It seems to me that your not asking from not knowing, or mocking the teaching, but wanting further enlightenment to the topic, if I could offer more I would, for we know that after following the gospels or writings there are instances where there were those which were healed in the same manner, and also them that received healing by faith, but as an example the word gives us examples of many if not all the ways one can and are considered believers, and it also appears she was not a believer because she had the capacity to follow Jesus around, but because of word of mouth as in other cases they built this faith in Christ. God bless you for bringing to light the topic, and give you that you request of him.


the Spirit within
3 years ago
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Bride of Yeshua Bride of Yeshua…

It is rooted in a Hebraic tradition of wearing a prayer shawl with fringes. Malachi says there is “heling in His wings” …. the “wings” being the fringes of a prayer shawl.. I hope this helps.

3 years ago
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full gospel shirley full gospel shirley

Jesus wore a prayer shawl, called a tallit.
People knew if they could only touch the hem of his garmet, which is the fringes/tassles , hanging down, they would be healed, as the knew the power of Jesus’ healing.
THis showed strong faith and this is why we are told that story.
Faith still moves mountains. oh yes, even today.
There is a pastor on tv that really teaches about this to fullness.
Try and listen to Larry Huch on cable tv. He is out of texas, You can find his website as well.
Larry Huch Ministries.
There is such heavy teachings on this, that the Jewish ppl do know about.
ONce you understand some of their Hebrew words, and we only know a few now, your faith goes to deeper still.
Remember in Psalm 91 where we are told he will cover us with his feathers, , and we will be hidden in his wings?
Well, the Hebrew ppl knew that the tassles of his Tallit, were called being in His wings.
So, it is only in continuing to abide IN Christ where true protection and healing come.
If we get out from under His wings, and sever a connection with Christ, we see in John 15, that when we refuse to obey, we are severed from the vine of Christ, and will be withered up to die and go into the fire.
The Jewiish ppl knew of this, yet they didnt belive Jesus was the Messiah to come, But more are coming now, Its awesome.
IF we remove ourselves from Christ, we will be lost, and cast into the fire.
But, all revelation and healing are in His wings, where we are under them with full protection.
I have had dreams and seem visions of feathers, and it is awesome.
Its all coming, more of the mysteries of the Bible are being revealed now, as these are the last days, and do note, tho it comes from the Spirit, its always all about Jesus.
He is the mysetery revealed.
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  2. ALL OF THE STORIES AND READINGS ALL END UP AT ONE PLACE IN history,,,,,,,Jesus and his shedding of his blood at Calvary is the answer,and finally, JESUS and only Jesus is our answer to everything,,,amen?

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