The Bible mentions 7 spirits or falling angels that are ready to strike on an opportunity time. Please read and understand the spirits of the fallen angels, cheers mlb 2013

Book: Demons and Spiritual Warfare

Author: Senior Pastor Ron Phillips

Seven Demons that attack the Church

1-Spirit of Religion: The church at Ephesus had “left their first love” (Rev. 2:4-7).

They were doctrinally sound and had everything in order, but they had

lost their passion for God. They had entered into a loveless routine of

religious works which replaced the power and passion of the Holy Spirit.

2-Spirit of Intimidation: The church at Smyrna endured persecution and many

members suffered martyrdom. With this threat satan tries to strike fear

in the hearts of believers by sending intimidation to frighten us away from

faithfulness to God and His Word.

3-Spirit of Compromise: Paramus was the capital city of the province of Asia and is

mentioned in Revelation as the seat of one of the seven churches of Asia. it

was a celebrated city of Mysis in the Caicos’ Valley, fifteen miles from the

Aegean Sea and about sixty miles north of Smyrna. The city had a “pet”

god in Asclepiad, an idol symbolized by a snake who called itself a savior.

We must repent of compromise and rely totally on Christ.

4-Spirit of Jezebel: A war goes on in today’s church, and the battle lines are drawn.

One of the most powerful spirit’s at work in this ongoing battle is the spirit

of Jezebel or control. First Kings tells of the story of the woman for whom

this spirit is named. Jezebel’s character was wicked, controlling, sexually

immoral, murderous, and demonic. It is astounding that the same spirit was

in operation still at Revelation 2:20 and still is operating today.

5-Spirit of Traditionalism: For centuries the church has been the victim of rumors,

hostility and what we call in this day negative press. Churches often have

to survive this environment; however the greatest threat to the church is

the danger from within. The Sardis church lived in a favorable environment

with a great reputation. However in Christ’s letter to this church, He ignored

their human reputation and told this church they were listed in the

obituary. The city was known for it’s paganism. The favored idol was Cybele

where wild frenzied worship and sex were often done.

6-Spirit of Inferiority: Many times a pastor will begin by saying “We are just a small

church”. His tone implies a sense of weakness or inability. But there is nothing

little or insignificant in the kingdom of God. There is a stronghold of inferior

thinking about church size. The church at Philadelphia was in risk of being

overtaken by such a spirit.

7-Spirit of Pride: Revelation 3 also issues a charge to the church at Laodicea. This

city was a wealthy and prosperous one. It was known as the center of fine

wool in the ancient world. They boasted of their wealth and medical school.

It was pompous and full of pride. But in Revelation 3, years had passed, and

now the church had become one fallen into a rut of mediocrity. Not too hot,

not too cold, not too good, not too bad (lukewarm). The scripture tells us that

if we are lukewarm He will spew us out of His mouth.

Remain faithful, sure in whom you believe. Be confident in the promises of God. Lean

not to your own understanding. Remain humble and encouraged for God is with us.

Do not succumb to the tricks of the enemy. Stand and forge on in the works of the Lord.


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