“YOUR Children will prophesy,older men will dream dreams”

CAN YOU imagine the headache, the internet, has caused Satan?  It seems everyone, who loves Jesus, has become very bold, in introducing him to the world? 

Trinity broadcast is taking the Gospel. of Jesus Christ, to all the world via the help of GOD ALLMIGHTY.
  Iron curtains and Chinese communist can.t stop the “flood of the gospel.”

More and More people of man made religions are now starting to look at this man named JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth.  The carpenter’s son, aka,,GOD HIMSELF in the flesh..Someday soon, the people of the JEWISH FAITH, will have a revelation like no other,,,JESUS CHRIST WAS AND IS THEIR Messiah they hung on the cross, some 2013 years ago.


What  a surprise they will heave when God come back to rescue them fro the anti-Christ of Revelations??? When Christ returns, he will build another temple, north of Jerusalem for his thousand years reign.  The whole world will honor him and the country of Israel. The dead sea will become a parasite for fishing,

What an exciting future is ahead for all believers in Jesus Christ…Anyone who calls upon his name will be saved,,,We all must be born again to see God…


This may become a surprise to many??But, Jesus Christ, is the only way to be accepted by our loving FATHER GOD.

SO WHAQT ARE YOU waiting for my friend??If you just take the time to read, MATHEW MARK, LUKE, AND John? Find out who Jesus really is in the flesh?? I am sure your impression will be changed,,,who knows, even to the point, of becoming hungrier for the word of Christ,,,good day,,,mlb 2013



Have you ever considered spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ? Give it a try, be sure the ask the spirit of God to help you..amen

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