purpose of tithing?

The whole reason God asks us to plant a seed in his kingdom?/Is obedience to his word…He knows if we develop an attitude of giving, we will be obedient to his word.

Over in Malachi, God asks us to test him as far as giving goes,,,He says if we share our blessing, he will bless our socks pun attended..

So friend, it order to receive a harvest?? We must plant a seed, We must give up something to get something from God.

Solomon and all his wisdom had it all…everything imaginable to modern man. He came out of the Babylonian, man made system with one conclusion…’WITHOUT GOD, WITHOUT A HOPE FOR eternal life?//Life is manliness.

Store up treasure in heaven, by helping others, not on earth.Where rust, mold, and moths consume the spoils..

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