Before I started reading the word of Jesus I had a burning question in the soul….How could these men with Jesus not believe he was the Messiah from the first miracle to the resurrection?

Folks these bad boys saw Jesus turn water into wine, bring Lassuras six back to life, feed 19,000 with 5 baskets of bread and walk on water…They still would not believe…WHY?

There was a  preacher, recently on Trinity, who said, “oh, they hardened their hearts because they did not consider what was happening.”

personally, it would have taken me only one to believe?//If only God the fathers will was for me to do so@@

The answer my friends, God would not let the apostles realize the greatness of his miracles,. Why? because Gods plan for Jesus was Calvary,,

The plan of the GOSPEL had to be carried out by the plan of GOD ALL-MIGHTY. Not by an interruption with the apostle defending Jesus to their deaths,

Peter had to deny knowing Jesus so bible prophecy and Jesus prediction to come true.

Everything from the creation of the world to the final chapter of revelation must be done 100 percent the way the Bible says it will.

If not, it makes everyone involved liars and false prophets. GOOD DAY!!MLB 2013


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