124 sins listed in New Testament

124 sins listed in New Testament

1. Abusers of Self: Self polluters, having unnatural lusts

2. Adultery (Note: Only for those who have been married)

3. Anger

4. Backbiters: Those whospeak evil of those who are absent

5. Banqueting: A drinking party

6. Becoming a Stumbling Block to a Weak Brother Through Our Liberty: Taking liberty to do things without thinking of the effect on a weaker brother’s conscience.

7. Being Angry With One’s Brother: Expressing unkind thought or action toward others

8. Bitterness

9. Blasphemy

10. Boasting

11. Brawling

12. Brother Going to Law Against Brother: No definition given, so I’ll wing it. Bringing legal action against another. If someone has a better definition, please let me know.

13. Burying our Talents: Not making wise use of what God gave us

14. Calling One’s Brother A Fool: Ridiculing another

15. Chambering: Unmarried people living and sleeping together

16. Clamor: Loud, continued noises

17. Complaining

18. Contentious:Quarrelsome

19. Corrupt Communications:Unprofitable or impure language

20. Covenant Breakers: Lightly breaking a solemn or legal pact.

21. Covetousness

22. Craftiness: Cunningness

23. Debate

24. Deceit

25. Defiling the Body

26. Defraud

27. Denying Christ

28. Desiring the Praise of Men: Doing things to gain praise.

29. Despiteful

30. Dishonesty

31. Disobedience to Parents

32. Divisions: Forming splits or schisms in groups

33. Divorce

34. Double Tongued: Making insincere statements

35. Drunkenness

36. Eating the Bread, or Drinking The Lord’s Cup Unworthily: Taking communion while living in sin

37. Effeminate: Unmanly or womanish man.

38. Emulations: Ambition to excel

39. Envy

40. Evil Concupiscence: Longing or desire for forbidden things.

41. Evil Eye: Having selfish motives

42. Evil Thoughts: Worthless, injurious, or depraved thoughts

43. Extortion

44. Fathers Provoking Children to Wrath: Frustrating children through harsh treatment and/or failure to communicate.

45. Fearful: Discouraged, anxious, faithless

46. Filthiness

47. Filthy Lucre: Recieving personal gain through unrighteousness.

48. Finding Faults With Others While Having a Greater Fault Ourself

49. Foolishness

50. Foolish talking : Silliness.

51. Giving False Witness

52. Fornication

53. Giving Offense: Causing another to fall spiritually by our example.

54. Greediness

55. Guile: Deceit

56. Haters of God

57. Hatred

58. Having Evil Treasures in the Heart: (The definition doesn’t make any more sense).

59. Having Pleasure in Them That Do Things Worthy of Death: Enjoying the company of sinners.

60. Hearing the Sayings of Christ, but Not Following Them

61. Heresies: Religious opinion different from established Scripture.

62. Highmindedness: Arrogant

63. Hypocrisy

64. Idle Words: Words of no value.

65. Idolatry: Loving someone or something more than God.

66. Implacable: Refusing to be appeased

67. Inordinate Affection: Passion, lust.

68. Inventors of Evil Things: Those who contrive evil ways to satisfy their carnal lusts.

69. Jesting: Talking to make others laugh.

70. Judging

71. Knowing to Do Good, but Doing it Not

72. Lasciviousness: Lustful, wanton, exciting lust.

73. Laying Up Treasures on Earth: Pursuing material success at the expense of spiritual things.

74. Living in Pleasure: Fond of luxury and sensual pleasure/gratification.

75. Lovers of Self

76. Loving Another Person More Than Jesus

77. Lusting After a Woman

78. Lying

79. Maliciousness

80. Malignity: Being harmful or dangerous, bad character.

81. A Man Prophesying or Praying With His Head Covered.

82. Mockery

83. Murder

84. Murmering: Grumbling, secretly complaining

85. Presumptious

86. Pride: Self esteem.

87. Puffed Up: Overestimating of one’s ability or knowledge.

88. Purloining

89. Railing: Slander

90. Revellings: Overindulgence at feasts, merrymaking.

91. Rioting

92. Seditions: Stirring up opposition against authority.

93. Self Will: Arrogant

94. Speaking Against the Holy Ghost

95. Sorcery: Practicing magic with aid from evil spirits.

96. Speaking Evil of Dignities: Speaking ill of those to be honored.

97. Stealing

98. Stiff-Necked and Uncircumcised in Hearts and Ears: Obstinate

99. Strife: Quarreling, seeking superiority

100. Striker: Ready to Fight

101. Swearing: To take oath (as in court).

102. Teaching for Doctrine the Commandments of Men: Neglecting God’s commandments by manmade interpretation or commandments.

103. Traitors

104. Trusting in Riches

105. Not Entering by the Door Into the Sheepfold: Seeking salvation through means other than the blood of Christ.

106. Unbelief: Lack of faith.

107. Uncleanness

108. Unforgiving Heart

109. Unmerciful

110. Unrighteousness: Moral wrongfulness.

111. Unthankfulness

112. Vain Jangling: Babbling.

113. Variance: Strife

114. Voluntary Humility: False humilty.

115. Wantonness: Lustful, morally unrestrained.

116. Whisperers: Secretly spreading false or slanderous information.

117. Whoremongers:One who associates with whores, a male prostitute.

118. Witchcraft

119. Wickedness: Evil practices, crime.

120. Without Normal Affection: Hardhearted.

121. Without Understanding: Unwise

122. Wrath

123. Woman Cutting Her Hair

124. Woman Prophesying or Praying With Her Head Uncovered

One Response to “124 sins listed in New Testament”

  1. Now I really know why we need a savior, imagine living under the law and trying not doing any of these listed. If a person just sits in a chair, they will at least done sin, idleness

    cheers mlb

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