SIN NATURE, we all have one!

We all have one…We are born with such, the bible and the word of GOD declares. In other words, evil intent is prevalent from birth,hWe can give credit to a man named ADAM for such a term.

This what causes a man or woman to sin against the word of GOD. If we disobey God, we become separated and must pay the price of death.

That is the bad news,,,The good news is the following.

JOHN 3 16, provides a way to be forgiven and live with God forever, not separated in HELL with the diavle.

When a person asks God to forgive and save us? Its called being born again, Our belief that Jesus is his son, died and arose gives us the privilege.

In some sense God died for our sins as well,,

The following is true about the spirit of God. As John Calvin put it, “For certainly, Christ is much more powerful to save than Adam was to ruin.”

Adam and the law came destroy,,Jesus came to provide life,…choose its our choice,,,amen

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