Preschoolers in the Pew

Sermon Notes for Kids

Preschoolers in the Pew Pin
I’ve had several inquiries on how to handle preschoolers in the pew. This can be a challenge indeed! I have several ideas that can help.

You probably won’t like my first tip, but it’s true and it works!

1)  Wait.

Yep.  Just wait.   They won’t stay preschoolers forever. They will slowly mature and their attention span increase. They will grow up before you know it!

2) Preschoolers certainly aren’t too young to pick up on the tone of the service. The respect. The joy of worship. These are settling on the heart of your young one even through the wiggles and lack of attention. (Don’t underestimate this!)

3) Consider the learning (listening) style or “best behavior” of your child.

For instance, “best behavior” for my son was to have something in his hand that he could manipulate.  A small wad of silly putty or a small car were each…

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