What should we learn from the life of John the Baptist?

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This is from the blog altruistico:

Although his name implies that he baptized people (which he did), John’s life on earth was more than just baptizing. John’s adult life was  characterized by blind devotion and utter surrender to Jesus Christ and His  kingdom. John’s voice was a “lone voice in the wilderness” (John 1:23) as he proclaimed the coming of the Messiah to  a people who desperately needed a Savior. He was the precursor for the modern  day evangelist as he unashamedly shared the good news of Jesus Christ. He was a  man filled with faith and a role model to those of us who wish to share our  faith with others.

Most everyone, believer and non-believer alike, has  heard of John the Baptist. He is arguably one of the most significant and  well-known figures in the Bible. While John was known as “the Baptist,” he was …

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  1. Very good and inspiring posting. Thanks for sharing. Lord bless you.

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