Is there a sin so great that Grace cannot forgive it? Could a person sin so many times that he would undo what had been done for him at Calvary? Is Grace like the flat earth envisioned by yesterday’s scientists, and can one sail off the edge of it? Does the Grace of God have limits or is it as limitless as the God of Grace Himself? This is the great question that has plagued the Body of Christ throughout church history, and yet it was answered clearly by God in His Word two thousand years ago.

“Grace” was a commonly used word in the Greco-Roman world of Paul’s day. The common thread of meaning winding through its various uses is “gift.” All living languages are in a state of flux. Words lose old meanings or acquire new ones. God, in Scripture, took this old Greek word and, while retaining its essential core meaning of “gift” or “favor,” invested it with a wealth of new meaning. The word, as used in the Pauline Epistles, reflects an element in God’s nature and a characteristic of His activity that could not be understood without this word. Grace, in the Epistles of God and Paul, is God’s favor apart from man’s merit. It is God’s favor in spite of man’s demerit. As a matter of fact, it is God’s favor apart from any question of merit or demerit in man. The amazing thing is that, while a Greek, or a Roman, or a Jew might be likely to give a gift to a friend, God gives His Gift to His enemies.

An infinitely holy God giving salvation freely to a race under just condemnation is a concept foreign to all religion! A supremely powerful God Who becomes a man to die the death of a criminal in full payment of the wages of sin is beyond the ability of man to invent. The one hundred most brilliant humans in history given a million years to solve the problem of man’s sin would not and could not invent Grace. Grace came from Heaven’s drawing board. Grace is the genius of God. It is as infinite as God Himself and therefore incomprehensible to the finite human mind. With God’s help it can be apprehended by man, but never, in Time or Eternity, fully comprehended. Grace flies in the face of human reason!

“The mind of the flesh is enmity with God.” Because the mind of the flesh is unalterably opposed to God, and because the natural (Greek, “soulish”) man cannot receive truths that are only spiritually discerned, Grace lies beyond the pale of human thinking. Man can only think in terms of human merit as a means of approach to God. This is not only true of unsaved people, but also of saved people who think like unsaved people. The fleshly mind cannot conceive of the “baddest” man going to Heaven on Grace alone, nor of the “goodest” man missing Heaven without it. All religion, including much of what calls itself “Christianity,” insists that God cannot be pleased apart from man’s merit and that He cannot but be pleased by man’s merit. That your “righteousness” and mine was not only ignored but rejected at Calvary comes, quite naturally, as a shock to those who have not begun to think as God thinks through believing Scripture. Calvary flies in the face of human reason because Calvary is Grace, and Grace can only be spiritually discerned.

God and Paul tell us that the primary reason for the indwelling of the Spirit of God in the believer in this Dispensation of Grace is “that we might know the things freely given (Greek, “graced”) to us by God.” God indwelt believing Israel on the Day of Pentecost that they might “walk in My statutes, and…keep My judgments and do them.” In other words, the Holy Spirit indwelt the believing Jew to make him a successful Law-keeper. The Body of Christ is not under an earthly Law, but under an infinitely superior system of government…Grace. The Holy Spirit indwelt them to enable them, for the first time in their history, to live, divinely energized, under Law. The same Holy Spirit indwells us to enable us to live, divinely energized, under Grace.

Israel’s Program broke down early in Acts with the Nation’s refusal to rethink her crucifixion of her King and to welcome Him back from exile to reign over her and, through her, over the world. Israel’s Prophetic Program, consequently, is being held in abeyance by God and will not be reinstituted until after the present Mystery (unprophesied) Program for the Body of Christ has concluded with the recall of Christ’s ambassadors by the miracle of the Rapture. Even as Christ ascended to the Father in a glorified, but human body (without a rocket), so shall we. When our purpose for being here as “Citizens of Heaven on loan to Planet Earth” has been fulfilled, there will be no need for us to be “away from Home” and we, the Body, will join our new and final Federal Head “at home,” in Heaven.

Law is a system of conditional blessing. The Nation Israel was promised many earthly blessings if she walked in His statutes and kept His judgments, and many earthly curses if she did not. The Old Testament reveals that Israel experienced both the blessing and cursing of God in her fifteen hundred year history under Law.

Grace is a system of unconditional blessing. The Body of Christ does not “do” in order to be blessed, nor to avoid cursing. We “do” because we have been blessed; because we have already received our blessings in advance. This is Grace, and man unaided, will never understand it. Our spiritual, “in advance” blessings are set forth to us by the Holy Spirit in the Epistles of God and Paul and are only spiritually discerned.

No sin can be great enough to undo the Grace of God. Not even a lifetime of sinning could end the complete satisfaction that the Father feels over the substitutionary death of His Son on Calvary. The spiritual believer agrees with the Word of God and shares the Father’s complete satisfaction in the death of His Son. The carnal believer will not; he will agree with his unsaved colleague in intruding the foolishness of human merit into the genius of God’s Grace. He will “water down” the crossword of Christ, but a watered down cross is no cross at all! Either Christ did everything the sinner needed at Calvary, or He did nothing at all. If Grace were limited it would simply be a more generous form of Law. “Limited Grace” would be non-grace and non-grace is anti-grace. It is the very nature of the Grace of God to be as limitless as the God of Grace Himself.
NO WONDER CERTAIN people become excited and talk in tongue? amen

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