NOTHING WE CAN DO TO EARN IT,,,HE LOVES US SO MUCH HE LET HIS SON DO IT ALL AT CALVARY,,So how in the Hell. can we lose our salvation if we live under GRACE or underdeserved favor.

FAITH AND TRUST TRANSFER IT TO OUR LIVES.Folks quit trying to work your way to favor and salvation,,God has already did it all,,let it go and start living…amemn

Grace is
VGrace is a system of unconditional blessing. The Body of Christ does not “do” in order to be blessed, nor to avoid cursing. We “do” because we have been blessed; because we have already received our blessings in advance. This is Grace, and man unaided, will never understand it. Our spiritual, “in advance” blessings are set forth to us by the Holy Spirit in the Epistles of God and Paul and are only spiritually discerned.

No sin can be great enough to undo the Grace of God. Not even a lifetime of sinning could end the complete satisfaction that the Father feels over the substitutionary death of His Son on Calvary. The spiritual believer agrees with the Word of God and shares the Father’s complete satisfaction in the death of His Son. The carnal believer will not; he will agree with his unsaved colleague in intruding the foolishness of human merit into the genius of God’s Grace. He will “water down” the crosswork of Christ, but a watered down cross is no cross at all! Either Christ did everything the sinner needed at Calvary, or He did nothing at all. If Grace were limited it would simply be a more generous form of Law. “Limited Grace” would be non-grace and non-grace is anti-grace. It is the very nature of the Grace of God to be as limitless as the God of Grace Himself. He can give us favor ever minute of the day forever,,,HE IS THE LIVING GOD!!QUIT TRYING to make him into someone else….amen


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