Do you ever worry about your salvation??Of course we do at times?

Am I good enough for Heaven?  When I die will I be invited into Gods Kingdom? The answer is quiet simple…We are never good enough on ourown merits.  But, if we are born again?  We know we are not alone.


The son of the all Mighty God is in our corner. aka THE LAMB OF GOD,  Hes been there ever since we asked him to be our savior and Lord. You did ask him?  He promised never to leave for eternity…Remember, He is the one who died for you and me on Calvary.  God told us, if we believe in Jesus and who he is, we would never perish and live with his son forever and ever.  Remember?

The main aspect of JOHN 3:16, is whoever believes, who ever has faith, whoever worships, loves, and  knows the blood of Jesus paid our price, For all our sins from the beginning of time to eternity.

GOd never tells a lie,,,If he said it, he means it….Good day


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