NO. 835








“God loves a cheerful giver.”


2 Corinthians 9:7.


I AM most anxious, dear Friends, to make full proof of my ministry, and in this one respect

especially, that I may address you upon all parts of God’s Word, and not be found guilty of confining

myself to one set of topics, for certainly this, although it might be pleasant, would not be profitable to

you. I would rather, if I had my choice, constantly preach upon the doctrine of God’s everlasting and

unchanging Love. I should delight to dilate each Sunday, and indeed, in every sermon, upon the simple

Doctrine of the Justification of the sinner in the sight of God by faith in Jesus Christ. But there are other

things in Scripture beside these. All things in Scripture are not placed there for our comfort; all are not

promises; all are not words of cheer for feeble minds and disconsolate spirits; there are other words

beside those of consolation—words of direction, words of precept; and if we should shun these, if these

never entered into the course of our ministry at all, some solemn disease might break out among the

Church because a part of the “food convenient” for them had been withheld. Therefore I think it is meet

to speak to you upon this subject tonight, and all the more so because there is no collection. You are not

asked to give anything, and I shall therefore feel myself the more at liberty to press upon you the

instruction of this text; you will see that my simple objective is to bring out the teaching of the Word of

God to you, not with any ulterior purpose, but purely to promote that result which God Himself may

intend to work by the Words before us! Words, remember, of undoubted Inspiration, and therefore as

worthy of all acceptation as any other sentence from the Divine Mouth.

Brothers and Sisters, in the Church of God there are various forms of service; there are some to

whom the gift is given of edifying others—these are bound with diligence to instruct their hearers, and

expound the Scriptures. To others it is given to evangelize—to break up fresh ground, to win the

unconverted; these are bound never to stay their hand, but to sow the Seed both at morning and evening.

Many in the Lord’s family are not enabled either to be the teachers of the Church, or the winners of

souls, but they are called by the duties of a humble, quiet life, to adorn the Doctrine of God their Savior

in all things; such as these should see to it that their conversation is always such as becomes the Gospel

of Christ, and befits the household of faith, and it should be their earnest prayer, that what is preached by

some may be illustrated by themselves in their daily walk and conversation. A considerable portion of

the Church of God is called to yet harder service, namely, that of

suffering. God still gets Glory out of

the fire of affliction when His people sing His high praises upon their beds; He receives as much honor

from the sickbed as from the pulpit, and those of His servants who are called to lie in a hospital are as

acceptable soldiers as those whom He commands to the front of the fray. We must all expect to take our

turn in tribulation according to the Purpose of God, and when we are commanded to do so, we must take

up our cross cheerfully and follow our Lord.

To all the Church also, it is given, and to each member in his measure, to serve God by

giving. Some

are enabled, being made stewards of wealth, to give largely of their substance; they are bound to do so,

but they should not give it merely as being bound, but feeling it to be their

privilege to give whatever

they can to Him who gave them their all, and who is their All. The poorest Christian is not exempted

from this privilege; if he has but little, God accepts according to that which a man has, and not according

to that which he has not. And if he is so poor that he cannot even give the two mites which make a

farthing, still he may give to God of his

time; he may give to God of such ability as he has in the

teaching of the young, in the distribution of the printed Word, or in some other form of service which

shall come conveniently within his reach. But none must escape from being givers to God in

some way,

for we are all

receivers, and so should be all dispensers. Give Him our prayers, give Him our praises,


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