God is Holy But What About His People?

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the-prophet-isaiah-1729Is there a holiness deficit in the life of the church today? Are Christian relationships more easily befouled, sins more readily excused, wrongs more casually overlooked, ministries more superficially carried out because the holiness of God fails to indwell the community? In short, is the holiness God expects of his people in partial eclipse?

Holiness is not merely one among many of God’s attributes. It is the exceptional word chosen by him to inform his ancient people — and us — of his inmost character and being: “I am holy.”

That is why the holiness code (Leviticus 18–27) summons God’s people to relationships drastically different from those of the pagan peoples among whom Israel lived: “Be holy” God says, “because I, the Lord your God, am holy” (Leviticus 19:2).

In a fundamental sense, whatever is dedicated to God is regarded as holy. The tabernacle was holy, as were the vessels…

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