Sinning after learning the truth

once a person knows the Truth about Father god, Lord Jesus, The Holy Spirit ,sinning should start to decrease big time. Once a person finally realizes how much God Loves them, what he gave up for all of us, JOHN 3:16, WE Should not want to return to the ways of this sick world..

I know we all will slip and fall at times, and yes maybe even sin,..But, we will be swiftly forgiven and convicted for a short time for our downfall.

If you become a believer and continue to want to enjoy the sins of this world?? You or I would be described as having some serious issues aboud..

Might as well go ahead and enjoy your life on earth, Because at this rate you won’t be enjoying any after life with Father God. amen. welcomed,

God did not voluntarily give up his son so we could pick and choose our goals in life,,, The one thing the BIBLE, emphasizes is obedience and love for God And our neighbors,, God saYs for us to love him, we must be obedient to his commandments and laws.

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