Jesus and Grandpa Knew – It’s a Small World After All

grandpa was always right

Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

Grandpa Jesus It's a small world after allI have traveled a lot in my life, visiting four of the seven continents in my ventures. I remember a conversation in the 1980s, as a young man that I had with my then 70-something-year-old grandfather.

I remember telling grandpa that in order to fulfill his life, he needed to visit some exotic world locations in his golden years. I explained to him that there was so much of the world that he hadn’t seen and he didn’t know what he was missing. I expounded about all the different cultures, languages, and wonders of architecture that I has seen in different parts of the world, and offered to send him and my grandmother anywhere they wanted to go.

I further explained to him that besides his visit to a doctor’s office in Ft. Worth, 90 miles away, I had never seen him travel far from the county seat of Graham…

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