When I realized that my fate’s the same as the fool’s, I had to ask myself, “So why bother being wise?” It’s all smoke, nothing but smoke. The smart and the stupid both disappear out of sight. In a day or two they’re both forgotten. Yes, both the smart and the stupid die, and that’s it.

2 Responses to “WHY THEN?WHY TOLL? WHY LORD”

  1. Whow. I was waiting for the rest. Something uplifting and hopeful. Yes, the wise and the foolish both die. Good and bad both die, but that isn’t it. If you know Jesus what is after death is the best. I’m not in a hurry to die, but I am looking forward to what life will be like after I die. I would also rather be wise than a fool and influence those around me while I am here. I does make a differance.

    • the problem is?/The fools around us have hardened hearts. The Bible says only a fool would say there is no God…Only God can reach a fool? The Holy Spirit s job is to loosen the ground before the dynamite goes off. Does that make any sense?/didn’t think so either,,,cheers MLB 2013

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