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May 15, 1948 is probably the single most important event in all of history since the time of Christ. This is the date when Israel once again became a nation. It is important because this is an integral key to unlocking a fulfillment of a majority of biblical prophecy.

Okay, so most Christians know this fact, but you may not have heard of the miracle of the Eastern Gate. The Eastern Gate in Jerusalem is the prophesied gate through which Christ will enter at His second advent. It is also a tradition held by the religious Jews that the coming Messiah will enter through the Eastern Gate. Did you know that it was prophesied in the Old Testament (Eze. 44:1-3) that the Eastern Gate would be sealed shut and would not be opened again until the Prince (Jesus) came at His second coming? The Eastern Gate was sealed off by the Ottoman Turks in 1530 A.D.–about 1,000 years after it was prophesied in the Bible. Not only did these Muslims seal it closed, they also placed a cemetery in front of it, knowing that according to OT laws that the Messiah would never cross over a grave site.

Did you know that there have been several attempts at opening the Eastern Gate by men, which could have damaged the infallibility of the Scriptures? Noticed I said almost.

Read this account from J.R. Church, in his book Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms:

“In 1917, the British general, Edmund Allenby, led his troops to surround the city of Jerusalem. It is reported that the night before his impending invasion, Allenby prayed that he might take the city without destroying the holy places. He had wired London for instructions and had received a simple reply—a scripture verse! ‘As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it’ (Isaiah 31:5).
The exciting prospects of such a thing led him to have the verse read aloud before all his troops positioned in the foothills of Jerusalem. Allenby commandeered every available aircraft for a fly-over. On the morning of December 10, what seemed like hundreds of planes skirted low from just over the ‘Hill of Evil Council,’ which lies to the south of the Temple site. The sky was covered from wing tip to wing tip and from nose to tail with airplanes—British biplanes—captured German aircraft—everything that would fly!”
As they flew low over Jerusalem and the Eastern Gate, one of the pilots dropped a note demanding surrender—signed by General Allenby. The Turks were frightened by the multitude of planes. According to reports, the name of Allenby further frightened them, for the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic means ‘God’ and ‘beh’ is Arabic for ‘son’. The Turks were looking at a demand for surrender signed by Allah-beh, the son of God! In response, they hoisted a white flag and surrendered the city without firing a single shot…”

Apparently, the Turks were ready to blow open the Eastern Gate and seal the other ten entrances to the city of Jerusalem so as to have an advantage over the British. The East Gate was the only gate that was placed on a high incline and would have proved much harder to penetrate.

Just one day before the Turks were going to blast open this gate with dynamite and seal all the others, Lord Allenby flew over the city dropping his leaflet asking for their immediate surrender. The Turks complied. A miracle happened. The gate was never opened.

Again, in 1967, the Eastern Gate was scheduled to be opened by King Hussein to give Muslim pilgrims better access to the Temple Mount Area and visit the El Aksa Mosque from a tourist hotel. His project was halted after the Arabs lost the Six Day War. The gate was never opened.

In just the past decade, a man was caught hunkered down by the East Gate with explosives strapped to himself in an attempt to the blow open the East Gate. The authorities found him just seconds before he blew it up. The gate was never opened.

This prophecy has remained true for thousands of years. No terrorist, no army could blow it open. The only One who has the key is the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. One day Christ will walk through that sealed gate in all His royal splendor just as it is prophesied. Until that day, it will remain closed.

Christians can rest confident that the Bible-God’s Word-is indeed true.

2 Tim. 3:16

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