Once upon a time, a long time ago,,,Snowy days…

Memories are wonderful, I know we are suppose to look at the future, but hey, good memories is good for the soul?

I grew up in rural America , 17 miles from The Arkansas line…In a small town, named Poplar Bluff. 

Like everyone, else we were and still are, just common folks.  Just living the good life.

One of the happiest days of the year was the days we received a 6 inch snow and the roads were impassible. Why? NO SCHOOL. 

We all who lived on township line had the day already planned. There was so many activities to attend.  We had sleighing,

marsh mellow roast, hay rides and many other activities to enjoy.

Rabbit hunting and skating on Sam hoppes pond were a couple of more . 

We all lived on a hill named Pinkerton Hill.  It was about a football field long to Boones House. We really had a blast

when the snow saturated the road deep  enough.  It had to be  at least 6 inches , so the sleigh would not hit the gravel rocks.

Think back to the time you were a youngster and the fun you had on snowy  days.

We moved to Arizona in the middle 60s and we thought we were escaping the ice and snow. .We had a 6 inch snow in Tucson in 1986,  The kids were little and we have a vcr someplace on the special day.

Hope you have a great day, keep warm, good day!!   MLB






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