Gnashing of teeth and asking the moutains to fall upon them?

Ever wonder what the Bible is talking about//When Jesus returns in all his glory, all of you Atheist are going to realize, all the  malarkey about Jesus Christ is true. You refused to accept him as the true God and Savior,,You made fun of all the hypocrites who went to church and tried to live a Christian way of Life.


You remember laughing at your friends and family who tried desperately to encourage you to believe? Oh My gosh, you finally realized you messed up. You realize now, where eternity will be spent?  Not so funny anymore?/Huh big boy. You blew it, We tried, but your pride, would not let you depend upon someone else for your well being!  Remember the widows, poor and aliens who you denied help too?

I am really sorry for you. What a fool you turned out to be, All the stuff you enjoyed on earth,big house, big car, photos with senators.. won’t do any good now.  How many times have you heard, The only way  to God the father, is by believing in the son? Only way!!You laughed and believe Oprah Winfrey didn’t you?

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