ImageAll thru out the Bible we read about fishing with the apostles becoming fishermen of men…In both situations we need a way of reeling them in, The Bible is the reel for men,. The fishing pole for fish. Both need bait, worms of fish, lures,  for man to see a Christian living a good life,  Make the sinner say,
“Hey can I have some of that?”   Be happy in life, live a life as Jesus would want you too, if he lived next door. In fishing we need a line to secure the last act of catching…In man we need the HOLT SPIRIT of GOD to bring the sheep into the pen. mean fish into the boat?


We depend upon the boat for support to reach a certain point on the Lake,  In Life, we need Jesus as our support ,,WE need someone to be the captain of the boat to have a successful catch?  In Life with need Father God, not mother earth to be the forgiver of sins. We are cleansed by the blood of Jesus in the eyes of God, We remove the fish skin in fishing to endure the great catch for dinner,,

In Conclusion, was it just coincidental God spoke of fishing for fish as food and souls for Heaven? Don’t think so? Revelations, John talks about fishermen along the river of life that runs to the dead sea with fresh water, Fishing will always be with us folks. Get your pole, its almost time to throw some bait. God Bless MLB  ORIGINAL

                                                          ever try a beetle spin

Reply by McScruff, aka, David on September 25, 2012 at 6:55am   

I used to catch most of nothing on Beetle Spins – I was sick and tired of hearing about them, in fact! It seemed everybody and their brother caught fish on them, while I was always stumped. It has been said that, “…there is no wrong way to fish a Beetle Spin.” But you could have fooled me.

Then, this year, I actually caught something on one. I used the lure out of frustration, using it simply because night was falling and I wanted something that made noise in the water. Since then, things have been well… different.

Now I rarely go anywhere without one and I tend to keep one hanging right on my vest. The most productive pattern has been the small size “0” with a light colored (white, chartreuse, yellow, etc. ) grub, or twist-tail trailer. I use them as a primary search tool around weed-and-wood structure. A good side of them is that the bigger sunfish tend to strike them. They can also be fished fast or slow and they are what I’d call “snag-less.” They’ll hang up, but not a lot.


The other day I caught a large long-nosed gar on one, in fact… thankfully he threw the hook before I landed him.

The bad thing about Beetle Spins is that, like all such baits, they are primarily a warm-water proposition. Inactive, cold fish won’t show much interest in them. This places them pretty firmly in the late spring/summer/early fall genre. It also seems safe to say that they are a lure for larger waters – but, I don’t have a lot of experience with them. That may not be so in all cases…

Here’s a brim I caught on one just the other day:



  1. 6 nice crappie slabs cooked to a nice brown,,what a meal?

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