Like in the Days OF Noah

ImageIN reading the Bible, it says somewhere? When Christ returns to earth the world will be like it was in Noah days.                     

When the Lord came to Noah, he told him to build a boat. NOAH obeyed.

The place where Noah and his sons lived hadn’t had rain some 400 days.’

“Noah Build Me A Boat.!!”  Can you picture this?? Hey cousin what you building? We are building a boat..There is going to be a flood…It took several Years for it to be completed.  I bet every newspaper in the region wrote a lead on Noahs boat that was about to float/ We won’t even mention the animals being loaded aboard.

, the world was so sinful God realized he made a mistake.  The same sins people are enjoying today was back then as well.People were marrying and having parties.  They mocked the people who told them the end was near, just like today, People think more of the different false religions, than Jesus who died for them.


Think about this?  People ask how will all the people be raptured and accounted ?  There has to be an answer.

Folks, how many people were saved when God destroyed the world with the Flood.  It was Noah, his 3 sons and wives, There probably wasn’t more than 15 or 20 people in the boat.  Its just like it was or getting there? When Noah lived upon the earth.

I predict, the world will be so bad, there wont be that many Christians left on earth.  There won’t be no need to explain the rapture to anyone,  The people just ran off with someone else?  Who Knows. God has always saved the holy before an event of judgment.

We have hope in one person in this life, Its the carpenter from Galilee.  THE blood  he shed on the way to the cross is what cleanse us in the eyes of father God.  7 means Life in the Bible, exactly the number he lost blood.

If you want to be saved pray after me, Father I am a sinner,  I need you to come into my life and be my savior.  Please  forgive me for all my sins, I want to live for you now and all thru eternity, thanks you Jesus I pray to the father in your name…AMEN

If you prayed the prayer you have become born again, Now you must refine your mind to the spirit of god.  By reading the Word and praying to your savior, Thanking him and praising his hold act at the cross..amen

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