Would you ever believe an agency of the government would use “police state tactics ” in their relations with families in America? Believe it folks, every state in the union has one of these bad boys in their welfare system.

I have been reading where certain people have been calling them a “GESTAPO SOCIAL CLUB” I have to heartedly agree my friends…If you have never experience one of these so called ,lack of due process of law, please do everything to avoid them.

The idea candidates are single moms on welfare, divorced usually a minority and poor. They realize they have no money for a defense. In most cases it will be over with before it begins. But may take 2 years of emotional trauma before they end it all , by adopting out your grandchildren and children

There is nothing they won’t do to prove a point or get their way’ If this why I went to Vietnam as a young man? I made a terrible mistake,,,God Bless America


  1. Wow and this is probably only the tip of the iceberg as far as how much corruption is in this arena.

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