Do you want to be with jesus??

I ImageALWAYS WONDERED WHY the A apostle Paul questioned whether he should live or go to Jesus…This may suggest if a follower of Christ wants to go to his new home?/All he has to do is pray to Christ for such deliverance?

To be completely honest, I am not a full grown follower of Christ.  Slowly but surely, He is bringing me along in by Christian life.I STILL LIVE IN THE WORLD IN MANY ASPECTS.. i NEED TO GROW IN ALL AREAS OF DISCIPLINE IN FOLLOWING Christ..although i HAVE GAVE UP SEVERAL OF THE BIG SINS OF THE FLESH. i AM MIRED IN OTHER ONES CHEST DEEP..I have no patience, will power of criticism,..Sometimes I talk about others..In other words, I tend to forget who I am as a son of God.

I just wanted you all to know. even though I believe everything about what Christians are suppose to believe…I still have many faults like everyone else??By writing this blog, its all for the Glory of Jesus Christ and his finished work at the cross.  I was so close to going to Hell a few years back, I knew if by some miracle I survived, I would do my little part about spreading the GOSPEL OF GOD AND HIS KINGDOM TO COME ON EARTH.

A couple of times after sinning I almost threw my towel in the ring for being a big old hypocrite of our Lord Jesus Christ.My spirit told me, he died on the cross and shed his BLOOD  seven times to his death.   Don’t give up meanlittleboy2, your treasure is waiting for you in another world.  so folks, the one thing I have really learned,,We all sin even though we are saved by the blood.  But, we are not slaves of slavery any more.Jesus and his father are the same but different individuals along with the holy Spirit.  You can’t have one without the other.

It is easy to pray to Christ to take you to his house, Its more rewarding to stay and spread the gospel of Christ,,But , what ever you do?/Do it to Glorify the father. Enjoy life and don’t try to be so religious..Just develop a relationship with Jesus, H e will take you home when the time is right.  amen  Paul stayed so can we,



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