for new followers in christ

WHERE DO i GO TO CHURCH?/WHO DO i BELIEVE?   Every pastor and Church has bad things written and talked about?//Welcome to religion my friends.   The so called religious society in the world runs more people off than what they reap from the world.


Back in 1870, a large group of people, from the same family migrated to southern Missouri,,The ones who were baptist moved a mile away from the ones who followed the Church Of Christ. They were and are brothers, sisters, aunt and uncles, segregated  based on splitting up God.  They even have separate grave yards.  Unbelievable, Holiday times were the only time they visited each other.   I must admit, the school house was for one and all.

I bet God is really shaking his head about all the different philosophies the devil used to split his word and the church.  If you are new at coming to Christ,,, I have a couple of suggestions,,,Read the new testament from Mathew to revelations, slowly and ask God and the holy Spirit to give you wisdom and understanding of his word,The Holy Bible,  The Bible is the way our Holy Father talks to us,


Secondly, come to know Jesus thru the Gospels of Mathew to Acts,  If you have questions, ask God to show you the answer. It was amazing the first time I began to read, I had many things revealed by the Holy Spirit of God,  You can as people but, you may receive several answers on the same subject///Finally, No Matter what you do, Put Jesus First in your life.



Jesus Christ  aka God, is the only way to salvation He is the way, the truth and the light. amen

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