Everyone waves and speaks to you , when you move about. People took the inside lane going around a curve?  You could buy your groceries on credit at the local mom and pop store. You had a 6 party phone line hooked to your home..every time the phone rang,and answered, 6 clicks could be heard.  The morning paper was delivered at 5 pm at night, Most people had access to a storm cellar.

You planted a victory garden in the spring of the year…Fish, squirrel and rabbit was on the food list along with fried chicken every Sunday,  Everyone had a first name middle name. Jim Bob?
You first child, became a cardinal fan at christening  Church was not a option on Sunday.


The local cops knew everyone on first name basis.   The eight grade teacher was a relative ??  Most towns had a court house and a military statue in the park..The court house would either be destroyed by fire or tornado?  

People with money were the only ones who played Golf?
The local drive inn was the main attraction with people with 3 or more kids? Money?//What was money?  Grandparents were just as important to a family as the parents.  Most gram pas were pipe smokers or tobacco chewers.  Grandmas had to be great cooks!!no options..

GOD WAS AND IS NUMBER 1…School prayer and scripture reading,   PLEDGE OF allegiance and raising and lowering of the flag was mandatory activities.,were mandatory rituals.


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