How many of the following do we have as servants of JESUS CHRIST? It may surprise ?


      What Adjectives Best Describe God?   



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              Apostle/Evangelist Dave Mathews        GroundReport |         Author: Apostle/Evangelist Dave Mathews        Filed Under: Christian, Lifestyle, Religion, World | Posted: 10/27/2012 at 10:26AM Comments | Region: Canada      


Let’s everyone of us put on our thinking caps. I want to see how many different Adjectives we can think of to describe our God.

There are many, some good, and some not so good, but they all describe God.

God is omniscient. (knowing all things)

God is omnipresent. (being everywhere)

God is omnipotent. (all powerful)

God is omnific. (creating all things)

God is perfection.

God is vigilant. God is holy. God is sinless. God is sanctified. God is all powerful. God is multiple. God is multi-lingual. God is multi-national. God is multi-faceted. God is triune.

God is love. God is compassionate. God is patient. God is trusting. God is honourable. God is righteous. God is giving. God is generous. God is gracious. God is benevolent

God is understanding. God is fair. God is just. God is merciful. God is unceasing. God is tenacious. God is never-ending. God is healing.

God is commanding. God is long-suffering. God is tolerant. God is rational. God is forgiving. God is giving. God is unconditional. God is team-teaching. God is timely. God is obedient. God is serving.

God is demanding. God is a perfectionist. God is jealous. God is hating (hating sin). God is punishing. God is judgmental. God is war-like. God is vindictive.

These are all descriptive of your God and my God, the one true God. They in our simple human ways describe God and identify Him for everyone.

The one I like the best though, is the one God Himself tells to Moses as Moses stands talking with God on the mountain.

God says to tell the people that “I AM THAT I AM” is the name of the God of Israel “I AM sent you.”



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