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As an exception I am posting ONE MORE poetic Gospel Message to you today, and trust you will enjoy it. Please let me know and keep spreading it for encouragement. REINHARD BONNKE

Two Witnesses in Court
Compact Bible Message (poetic)
By Reinhard Bonnke

When we believe in the name of Jesus, we embrace His glory infinite.
This name stands for salvation, and the Testaments are definite.
The Old and New explain each other, like two witnesses in court;
Testifying under oath, that Jesus Christ is the Messiah sent by God.

An artist’s glory is a painting; an engineer’s a super bridge,
But Jesus’ glory was His love and labor, like washing the disciple’s feet.
To Him the cross arose above all pride, its glory shining forth,
Bridging the chasm’s great divide, reconciling man with God.

To be one of us and one with us, Jesus took human nature and name,
As God in flesh, born in a lowly manger, He came.
Some Bible names were prophecies, but not the name of the Lord,
His is fulfillment of them all, according to God’s Word.

The name of Jesus never altered, and no experience changed the Lord
He came to save His people from their sins – brought peace and comfort.
“Savior” is what Jesus means; He cannot be but be Himself.
He’ll take his children home to heaven, not dump them on some shelf.

As Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the God of Scripture known.
Each one fuses with the other, like meshing fountains from His throne.
Some say that it cannot be, since 1 plus 1 plus 1 does equal three,
But God is God; it’s rather 1 times 1 times 1 equaling 1 – a holy mystery.

We mention it, but will not understand such truth, as deep and so profound –
Yet also simple: The Father willed, the Son obeyed, the Spirit worked it out.
Salvation is, what only God can do and did and does, which we accept by trust,
Until we see Him face to face in heaven’s land – where we will understand


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