Child Protective Services Make Money When They Take Children

The Harley Factor

With the Justina Pelletier case so much in the news it has made me really wonder about CPS and what they get out of all these children they unjustly take away from their parents. Justina’s story is not the only one that should be in the news headlines and isn’t. There is very little to no over site for this agency.

This is even more outrageous. According to former FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, some of these children who have been taken from their parent are sometimes sold in black market auctions to child sex slave rings and never heard from again.

Although this video centers mostly in Kentucky don’t think your state won’t do the same thing and take your child for no good reason. This is all driven by federal money. CPS is rewarded for every child they remove and adopt out by your federal tax dollars.

Some statements from a…

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2 Responses to “Child Protective Services Make Money When They Take Children”

  1. Thanks for the reblog on this. The most precious thing parents have are thier children and no one is safe from this

  2. Just think how many people would be up in arms if they only knew,,,For every child they help they destroy 5 others and their families. American people are so fickle, they won’t do anything unless it happens to them I am as guilty as the next tom dick and harry, I hope God judges America and soon,,,all the sin has to be accounted far father, you did it to Israel its our turn no
    ,,,Work on the Liberals first?/amen cps at the forefront

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