Frequently Asked Bible Questions

This is by no means an exhaustive list of our questions and answers. We have selected some of our most frequently asked questions and listed them for easy access. Select one of the links below (sample questions listed) to view the questions and answers for that topic. Please also see our Crucial Questions, Christian Theology, Bible Summary, and Questions about the Books of the Bible sections.

Top 20 Most Frequently asked Questions

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Questions about God (1)(2)
     How do you explain the Trinity?
     Why does God allow bad things to happen?
     What are the different names of God and what do they mean?
     Does God hear the prayers of unbelievers?

Questions about Jesus Christ (1)(2)
     Is Jesus God?
     How can you prove Christ’s resurrection?
     Where was Jesus for the 3 days between His death and resurrection?
     Why is the virgin birth so important?

Questions about the Holy Spirit
     What is the blasphemy of the Spirit?
     Are miraculous gifts for today?
     What is the gift of tongues?
     How can I know what my spiritual gift is?

Questions about Salvation
     Is there any way to lose your salvation?
     What about people who never hear the Gospel?
     Is salvation by faith alone, or faith plus works?
     What is the age of accountability?

Questions about the Bible (1)(2)
     Why are there so many Bible translations?
     How was the Bible put together?
     Why should we study the Old Testament?
     Does the Bible contain error, contradictions, or discrepancies?

Questions about the Church (1)(2)
     Why is baptism important?
     Should we worship on Saturday or Sunday?
     What does the Bible say about Christian tithing? Should a Christian tithe?
     Why is church attendance important?

Questions about the End Times
     What is the mark of the beast?
     When is the rapture going to happen?
     What is the Judgment Seat of Christ?
     Is the millennium literal or figurative?

Questions about Angels and Demons
     Who are the “sons of God”?
     Do we have guardian angels?
     Can Satan read our minds?
     Can Christians be demon possessed?

Questions about Humanity
     Who was Cain’s wife?
     What is the origin of the different races?
     What is God’s view on cloning?
     What should a Christian believe about the death penalty?

Questions about Theology
     What is theology?
     What are the different types of theology?
     What is dispensationalism?
     What is Calvinism?

Questions about Apologetics and Worldview
     What is a Christian worldview?
     What is Christian apologetics?
     Is Jesus a myth?
     Is there an argument for the existence of God?

Questions about the Christian Life (1)(2)
     How can we recognize the voice of God?
     What does the Bible say about Christian tithing? Should a Christian tithe?
     How can I know God’s will?
     How can I overcome sin in my Christian life?

Questions about Prayer
     Why pray?
     What is the Lord’s prayer and should we pray it?
     How can I get my prayers answered by God?
     What is intercessory prayer?

Questions about Sin
     How can I know if something is a sin?
     Are all sins equal to God?
     Is it ok to drink alcohol?
     Is homosexuality a sin?

Questions about Eternity
     Will I be able to recognize my family members in Heaven?
     Are there different levels of Heaven?
     Is hell truly eternal?
     Can people look down on us from heaven?

Questions about Marriage
     Is it wrong to marry outside of your own race?
     What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage?
     What does it mean to be “one flesh” in a marriage?
     Why did God allow polygamy in the Bible?

Questions about Relationships
     What does the Bible say about sex before marriage?
     What should / shouldn’t a couple do before marriage?
     What does the Bible say about dating / courting?
     How young is too young to be in a romantic relationship?

Questions about Family / Parenting
     What does the Bible say about adoption?
     What are to be our priorities in our family life?
     What does the Bible say about disciplining children?
     What does the Bible say about infertility?

Counseling Related Questions
     How does psychology work with biblical counseling?
     How does psychology work with Christian counseling?
     What is nouthetic counseling?
     Should a Christian see a psychologist / psychiatrist?

Questions about Creation
     What does the Bible say about Creation and Evolution?
     What is the age of the earth? How old is the earth?
     How do dinosaurs fit into the Biblical story of Creation?
     Why are there two different accounts of Creation?

Questions about Christianity
     How do I convert to Christianity?
     What makes Christianity unique?
     What was early Christianity like?
     How is the Christian religion different from all the other world religions?

Questions about Cults & Religions (1)(2)
     Who are the Jehovah’s Witnesses and what do they believe?
     Is Catholicism a false religion?  Are Catholics saved?
     Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
     What is Buddhism and what do Buddhists believe?

Questions about False Doctrine
     What is the Jesus Seminar?
     Is being slain in the Spirit biblical?
     What is transubstantiation?
     What are the beliefs of Jesus only / oneness Pentecostals?

Questions about Life Decisions
     Should Christians go to doctors?
     Should a Christian be a Republican or Democrat?
     What does the Bible say about lawsuits / suing?
     What does the Bible say about women working outside the home?

Topical Bible Questions (1)(2)
     What does the Bible say about anger?
     What does the Bible say about depression?
     What is the Christian view of psychics?
     What does the Bible say about spiritual warfare?

Miscellaneous Bible Questions (1)(2)
     Why do Jews and Arabs hate each other?
     What does the Bible say about abortion?
     Should a Christian be a Republican or a Democrat?
     Do pets go to heaven when they die?

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