The rise of Europe and the new Holy Roman Empire

by Don Koenig

The book of Daniel gives the details on the four world kingdoms of the Gentiles from the time of Daniel until the time that God sets up His kingdom on earth. The four kingdoms are:

  • Babylonian empire under Nebuchadnezzar
  • The Medo-Persian empire
  • Macedonian empire under Alexander The Great
  • The Roman Empire

The history of the world has taken place exactly as was told in the book of Daniel. A study of Daniel is essential to understand the world end time scenario. There are many good books written on the prophecies in Daniel e.g. Handwriting on the Wall“, by David Jeremiah or “The End of the Days“, by Bloomfield, so I won’t get into much detail and attempt to rewrite these books here. The first three kingdoms listed above were each defeated by its successor. The Roman empire was the last and terrible beast in Daniel’s vision but it was never defeated and the tribes remain at that same location waiting for someone to reunite the empire.

There have been several unsuccessful attempts to reform this empire with the last (until today’s European Union) being the unsuccessful attempt under the reign of Hitler. A study of Daniel makes it clear to the astute that there will be a future revival of this Roman empire in the area of Europe and some of the Middle East. This revived Roman empire is portrayed in Daniel as the ten toes on the great image that was in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision.

The Rise of Europe and the new Roman Empire in this generation

Many, even in the church, have said it is impossible to ever unite Europe and they have mocked those who said that this prophetic scenario should be taken literally. However, in spite of those who insist on allegorizing prophecy we see a super state called the European Union forming in Europe to set the stage for the fulfillment of Old Testament and Revelation prophecies.

At the exact same time Israel has become a nation again to fulfill her end time prophetic role and many say this is meaningless as well. The blinded in Christianity and the world also see no significance to the creation of the UN, the rise of Islam and their own membership in the World Council of Churches. Nevertheless all these entities were born during this same period to fulfill their unique end time biblical role.

The socialist elite of Europe have made plans to have a united Europe under a centralized government. They already have implemented a common European military and currency. They may soon have central government power without sufficient checks and balances to keep it democratic. The number of nations that belong to the European Union are now 27 nations and others want to be admitted. Some want to include the North African states and parts of the Middle East just like the old borders of the Roman Empire.

The EU is now the largest economy in the world and the most powerful political entity on earth. When things fall apart, as it will with 27 or more separate nations uniting on the whim of socialist or “third way” idealism, be sure a strong man will come to power to enforce the central government decrees. When this happens democracy will be nothing but an illusion in Europe. There will be no easy exit from the European Union once a state becomes a member. Also, the rising Muslim populations make a backlash by the natives and civl war certain within a decade. That alone will result in a police state.

The new Holy Roman Empire

The ground work for the new Holy Roman Empire is being put in place by political and religious figures but I believe there will be much difficulty in keeping it all together until a demonically inspired man appears on the scene with solutions to the inevitable problems. I believe it will not be called a Holy Roman Empire until after Europe has a war against the forces of fundamental Islam and what will be perceived as a divine intervention.

The final form of the revived Roman Empire may take place after the time of the disappearance of a large number of evangelical Christians (in the rapture) and the intervention of Jehovah for Israel against the Northern invasion (described in Ezekiel). Russia will side with the Moslem nations mentioned in Ezekiel and attempt to invade the land of Israel. The intervention of God against the Northern invaders will be a witness to the whole world that the Jewish God is the God of heaven.

This great religious awakening will be the foundation for a universal world church but she will be a harlot because she will commit fornication with demonic religions and the kings of the earth for the sake of unity. With the help of this “world church” a satanic man will take the remains of the basic structure of the European Union and reform it into the new Holy Roman Empire. This empire will be dominated by 10 nation states or more likely the new Roman Empire will be divided into ten regional zones. Later the world may also be divided into 10 regional zones (the Club of Rome think tank has presented just such a plan for the world). This power structure will evolve into a world government and it will be initially integrated with the emerging world church that will be head quartered at the Vatican in Rome. A prophetic picture of this merger is given in the book of Revelation Chapter 17 where the Woman (the harlot world church) rides the Beast (the revived Roman empire).

The new Roman Empire and the leader that will arise will confirm and enforce a seven-year peace covenant with Israel and her now Moslem neighbors. In the middle of this seven-year period the man of sin (the Beast/Antichrist) will enter the rebuilt third Jewish temple, claim to be God and break the covenant with Israel. A false prophet will then appear with great signs and wonders and deception. His deceptive lies will give worldwide power to the man known as the Beast Antichrist in Bible prophecy. This man of sin is likely at some point to move the world government headquarters from Rome to Babylon and burn the Roman religious Harlot and thus fulfill the remaining prophecies in scripture about the Harlot and the city of Babylon.

The Beast Antichrist and his false prophet at that time will claim that Jesus/Jehovah is a lesser deity and he will spearhead a worldwide counter revolution against the harlot world church identified with Christianity. He will hate her because even in her harlotry she will refuse to worship the man of sin as God, and many in the end will not reject Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God. This will begin the time of persecution spoken of in Revelation and Daniel for all followers of Jesus/Jehovah who dwell on the earth. In this time of their fiery trial many will turn from their harlotry and find salvation in Jesus.

Those who will not receive the truth to be saved will believe the lie and will follow the man of sin to war against Jerusalem and Jesus when He returns. Because they loved a lie and would not receive God’s mercy in Jesus they will receive His wrath at His coming.

Signs of the time

The stage is being set for the new Holy Roman Empire with the modern day rise of the European Union:

  • The Euro is now the official European currency and it will be primarily an electronic currency where the privilege to buy or sell will be granted by the state. It is likely that the Euro or a replacement will soon replace the U.S. dollar as the primary world currency as the U.S. goes into decline.
  • Computer systems in Brussels have the capability to manage all the world’s finances and government complexes have been built in Europe to house a large central government.
  • North African states and Middle East states may soon join with the EU and expand its borders to the full extent of the old Roman Empire.

The European super state certainly is evolving in this generation and it is very likely that this same generation will see the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation fulfilled with this European Beast rising out of the sea (Gentiles).

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