Words of wisdom

We Christians must do away with our scapegoats. In Germany, Christian Catholics and Protestants put thousands of Jews into ovens calling them Christ killers. Early in the church the Jews became associated with Judas. They, along with Judas, have been the scapegoats for this desire of mankind to blame shift.

It seems the world is obsessed these days to put the blame for the problems of the world on someone, any one except themselves. It is time to stop. We are all guilty. We Christians have given ourselves a pardon, but we have not pardoned the world. We therefore, have put ourselves in an exalted position which has produced devastating results. We must be humbled. The purpose of this article is to bring us down to a place where we might be of benefit to the world. Our self-righteousness and pride has made us almost useless in changing the world for the good. If the world is getting darker, it is because our light is going out. May this article put a spark back into our Christian witness

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