One day soon, we all must answer to God about our life in the world. He will ask you or I why he should let us into his HEAVEN?

Some will say because I was good. I went to church, I read the Bible? I gave too the poor”? I loved d you and my neighbor? I was kind, gentle, and righteous?

God will say, “did you ever ask my son to be your Lord and Savior? Did you ever ask him to forgive you for all the sins you have accomplished since the womb? Did you ever tell him you believed he was my son and arose on the third day?

Well come to think about it father, I never had the time or forgot. Jesus told the p-people, the only way to the father was thru the son” No other way. Believe by faith and receive the gift of salvation by the way of what Jesus did at the Cross.

Folks if you have never asked Jesus to come into your life? There’s no time better than right now. He god, loves us so much he gave up the son for a living sacrifice,,I personally, knows what its about losing a son, It gut wrenching.

So I ask you again, think about it, its the most important thing in your future ..Its life or death. Choose .. JESUS IS AT THE DOOR,,PLEASE DONT TURN HIM AWAY ANY LONGER??

3 Responses to “HOW WILL YOU ANSWER GOD?”

  1. I also know what it’s like to loose a son. It is gut wrenching for years, but it wasn’t my choice. I’m so glad God chose to give his son for me.

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